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- نشر رسالة الماجستير بالمؤتمر المصري الخامس للاقتصاد المنزلي بجمهورية مصر العرب
Authors: Naglaa Mosaad
Year: 2001
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Families are considered as the most environmental factors that affect bairns’ level parents treatment also has an effect on their impulses, traditions, expectations, aspiration, and behaviors. As long as a family has possitive components, it works at improving and making use of its members’ energy. A study has shown that teen- agers who know well that their families are cohesive and give them the opportunity to practice freedom and independence correlate with positive psychological functions of those teen-agers, while the non-cohesive ones correlate with negative psychological functions and then, teenage becomes a critical period in one’s life time, as it is the period of time that every one determines what his / her career should be like. The teen-ager, at this time, faces different kinds of troubles especially that he /she has no enough experience to help. At the end of adolescence, the most problems that can be faced are Career problems, as he / she needs to well – choose the kind of study and the kind of job she / he would join, problems of psychological, social, and household correspondence, marriage and how to choose the one who shares their lives. All that will need the teen –ager’s ability to give right desisions, and to be realistic when thinking of his / her targets which go with the idea of the quick – developed world he / she lives in. But, what is noticed, young teen –agers usually name targets that can’t be made into real or even are less than their real abilities, this is due to the lack of their experience which can’t help them estimulate their abilities in a realistic way. To make bairns getting much adjustment and be more successful, family – full of love – affairs, between parents and children, should be focused on with a stable - non depressive family back ground.

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