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Effect of monosaccharide rich diets on blood lipid profile of rats.
Authors: Manal S.El Gendy 1 ; Suzan A.Saad;1 and Nawal A.Tahoon 2
Year: 2013
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ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to show the effect of six types of monosaccharide feeding regimen on blood lipid profile and recommend the best monosaccharide of moderate effect on growth rat and little affecting blood lipid profile. Thirty five male albino rats (Rattus norvigicus) were segregated into 7 groups. The first served as normal control. The second received 10% glucose diet, the third received 10% fructose diet, the forth received 20% glucose diet, the fifth received 20% fructose diet, the sixth received 5% glucose plus 5% fructose fed diet, the seventh received 10% glucose plus 10% fructose diet. Samples were taken after 3 weeks. Body weights, organs weights and blood lipid profile were recorded. The relative growth rate was enhanced with fructose feeding than others. This enhancement is moderate for 10% fructose feeding. The relative organs weights were better in 10% fructose fed group than other groups. 10 % fructose fed diet enhanced the lowest lipid profile elevations than other groups. These findings clearly indicate that 10% fructose fed diet is the best choice for its moderate enhancement of relative growth rate and its lowest effect on serum lipid profile and so can be recommended for use in sweets production. Key words: glucose; fructose; rats; lipids; body weights.

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