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Influence of sodium chloride intake on some micro and macro elements of male albino rats.
Authors: Nawal A.Tahoon1; Suzan A.Saad;2 and Manal S.El Gendy2
Year: 2013
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ABSTRACT This paper examines the effect of different sodium chloride dietary intakes on micro and macro elements of rats. Thirty male albino rats were housed individually in plastic cages and were subdivided into four groups. The first served as normal control. The second received 1 fold sodium chloride fed diet, the third received 2 folds sodium chloride fed diet and the forth received 3 folds sodium chloride fed diet. The fifth group received 4 folds sodium chloride fed diet. Samples were taken after 3 weeks of feeding. The results showed that water consumption was increased associated with increased salt intake. Changes in relative growth rate were associated with daily food consumption. 1 fold salt feeding enhanced more weight gain. Relative organs weights were approximately not affected except for 3 folds sodium chloride dietary intake. Serum calcium, magnesium and albumin concentrations and hepatic iron content were not affected with different levels of salt feeding. However sera iron, phosphorus, zinc and total protein were increased significantly, especially with high doses of sodium chloride intake. Calcium in bone was decreased significantly with high salt feeding. Iron content of spleen was increased significantly with salt consumption. In conclusion, 1 fold sodium chloride intake more enhanced food consumption and weight gain of rats than other high salt feedings. High salt intake enhanced depletion of bone calcium with elevation of spleen and serum iron and increased serum phosphorus, zinc and total protein content which may increase the risk of red blood cells lyses and osteoporosis. Key words: Sodium chloride, rats, minerals, diet, growth rate, bone, spleen, Calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, albumin, total protein, salt, serum.

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