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Using the Multimodal Approach for Developing EFL Speaking Skills Among Faculty of Education Students
Authors: Nehal Magdy Hussein Hassan Hussein
Year: 2018
Keywords: The multimodal approach, and EFL speaking skills
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The aim of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of using the multimodal approach in developing EFL second year students’ speaking skills. The researcher used the quasi experimental, one group pre-post design. The participants of the study (n=50) were EFL second year students enrolled in the English section at the Benha the Faculty of Education in Qalubia Governorate. The instruments of the present study were an EFL speaking skills checklist and a pre/post EFL speaking test. Before implementing the multimodal approach, the pretest was administered to determine the study participants’ level in the EFL speaking skills. Then, the post-test was administered after implementing the multimodal approach to investigate the effectiveness of this multimodal approach in developing the second year students’ EFL speaking skills. Paired sample t-test was conducted to compare the means of the students’ scores on the pre-posttest. Results revealed that there is a statistically difference between the mean score of the study participants in the pre and post administration of the EFL speaking skills in favor of the post administration. These results were ascribed to using the multimodal approach which is effective in developing the participants’ EFL speaking skills. It was recommended that the multimodal approach should be taught in different educational stages for developing EFL speaking skills.

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