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The Effect of Time Management Educational Program for Newly Baccalaureate Graduate Nurses on Their Productivity
Authors: Dr. Amany Rashad Abo EL-Seoud ,DR. Nermin Mohamed Eid,DR. Hoda Abd-Allah Saleh
Year: 2014
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Time in simplified sense is a human life and his whole life, and age specific, can't be increased in any way, so time is not available for storage or for allowance or compensation. Proper planning and good organization of time with the proper implementation of the plan and positive disposition towards wasting time gives us a successful and effective management of time. The study was conducted at Benha University Hospital. The study aimed to study the effect of time management educational program for newly baccalaureate graduate nurses on their Productivity. The study sample were composed of 47 nurses included 39 Female nurses, and 8 male nurses, with two year experience or less at any department. Three different tools were used in the present study for data collection. These were namely: time management knowledge questionnaire, Self-administered questionnaire {time planning, time wasters}, Productivity questionnaire tool. The result showed: There was a highly statistically significant difference among pre, immediate post program, and follow-up of the knowledge test and skills of the newly baccalaureate graduate nurses and level of their productivity, There was positive statistical significant correlation between newly baccalaureate graduate nurses` knowledge about time management immediately post program and their productivity level pre program and also with immediately post program. The study concluded that there was general improvement in newly baccalaureate graduate nurses knowledge and skills about time management and also their level of productivity as compared to pre course knowledge and skills. The study recommended; In-service training and education programs must be conducted for refreshing and increasing nurses’ knowledge and skills about the concept of time management as well as to emphasize time planning skills especially newly employed nurses.

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