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Prof. Osama Saad Hasaneen El-Shaer :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Plasma calprotectin level in preeclampsia Completed
study of serum level of troponin(T) in RDS Completed
Serum S 100 level in patients with SLE Completed
Study of leucocyte protein CALPROTECTIN in patients with RA Completed
Study of IgG ACA abs in relation to vascular access thrombosis in children on maintenance HD Completed
Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein in HCC and some other chronic liver diseases Completed
Serum inhibin A as a marker for molar pregnancies Completed
Study of serum level of resisitine H. in type 2 DM Completed
Study of Fas (CD95)level in patients with CRF Completed
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