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Prof. Azza M. Elleboudy :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1. Geotechnical Properties of Mokattam Shale Completed
Laterally loaded Piles in Soft Clay Completed
3. Treatment of Collapsible Soil with Impact Compaction Completed
4. Structure and Collapse behavior of Cemented Sand Completed
5. Evaluation of Lateral Swelling Pressure in Expansive Soils Completed
6. Stability Analysis of Retaining Structures subjected to Dynamic Loading Completed
7. Prediction of Collapse Potential from In-Situ Tests Completed
9. Development of Computer System for Analysis and Design of Road Asphaltic Pavement Completed
10. Three-Dimensional Seepage Analysis of Leaky Hydraulic Structures Completed
11. Vortex Effect on Sand Beds Completed
13. Three-Dimensional Stability Analysis for Slopes Susceptible to Translational Failure Completed
14. Performance of Stone Columns Completed
. Design Charts for Soil Nailing Completed
Finite Difference Modeling for Determination of Tunneling Effects on Adjacent Structures In Progress
18. Study of Tunnel Response to Dynamic Loadings In Progress
20. Numerical Modeling for the Performance of Diaphragm Wall. M.Sc. In progress In Progress
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