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Do female urinary incontinence subtypes have different effects on the sexual life of couples?
Authors: S. H. Abdel Rahman, A. Abou Taleb, A. M. Abou Zeid & R. S. Eldesouky
Year: 2019
Keywords: Female urinary incontinence; female sexual function; stress urinary incontinence; urgent urinary incontinence; mixed urinary incontinence
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Female urine incontinence (UI) has negative impact on couple’s sexual life. The aim of this study was to assess sexual function of females and their partners in the presence of female UI and identifying the effect of different types of UI on variable sexual domains. This is a comparative cross-sectional study, where 75 sexually active females with UI (patients’ group) and 75 age and gender healthy volunteers serving as a control group were enrolled in this study. After urodynamic evaluation, incontinent patients were subdivided into three groups urgent (UUI), stress (SUI), and mixed (MUI). Female Function Index Questionnaire was filled out by all participants and International Index of Erectile Function was filled out by their partners. This study showed that UI in females has a negative impact of sexual life of couples. UUI was related to orgasmic dysfunction and dissatisfaction in females, while their partners suffered from less sexual functions in all sexual domains except in erectile function domain which was more noted in partners of women with SUI. Lubrication was dramatically decreased in SUI group. We concluded that different types of female UI have different impact on sexual domains of females and their partners.

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