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Dr. Reda El-Sayed Morsi El-Hassanein :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2011
1-2. Preparation of Books in the field of specialization
2-3. Participating in the Quality Assurance Committee in the college
Scientific Activities of 2009
3-6. Participating in the Scientific Conferences
4-8. Participating in Workshop on "Concepts of Quality assurance and accreditation
5-9. Participating in Workshop on "Standards of accreditation of higher education institution", Benha University
6-10. Participating in Workshop on "Procedures of accreditation by the National Authority of quality assurance and accreditation", Benha University
7-11. Participating in Workshop on "digital libraries" held at Benha University (25-26, October 2009)
8-Participating in Sixth Workshop on “Electronic Portal for Benha University” in the conferences Hall at faculty of Engineering
Scientific Activities of 2008
9-7. Participating in the Teaching of many courses outside the college such as at Higher Technological institution at 10th Ramadan City and Military Technical College with a permission of the Dept.
Scientific Activities of 2007
10-13. Participating in the preparation and processing of transferring the “Electrical Power Engineering” course for the students of 2nd year power into electronic Course at Benha University e-Learning centre.
Scientific Activities of 1992
11-5. Participating in the Scientific Committees in faculty
Scientific Activities of 1983
12-4. Participating in the Students Activities in faculty
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