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Genetic Variability of Ecoanatomical Changes among Clay Soil and Soilless Money Plants
Authors: Heba S.Essawy and Reham M.Mostafa
Year: 2016
Keywords: Money plants, Soilless, Hydroponic culture ,Cross sections, SDS-PAGE, RAPD-PCR ; Genetic variability.
Journal: Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences
Volume: 6
Issue: 9
Pages: 1-10
Publisher: TextRoad Publication
Local/International: International
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Money plants (Epipremnum aureum) cultivated soilless and clay soil representing habitat types in soilless shown to significant anatomical characters to adept ecosystem. The leaf anatomy showing increase of blades thickness; palisade and spongy tissues of soilless plants than clay soil ones . In contrast the thickness of upper and lower epidermis layers were reduced . As well as thickness of midrib zone was slightly reduced. Moreover, vascular tissues lost their normal shape and arrangement as xylem arms. The most interesting finding, lengths of both , protoxylem and metaxylem were reduced while their widths were increased. Root length and diameter were reduced in soilless plants. Soilless root system showed several significant anatomical to adept ecosystem (piliferous layer, cortex, endodermis, pericycle , vascular tissues and pith) . The number of vessel in bundles and its diameter of root were decreased incorporation to clay soil roots. Protein patterns and DNA fingerprint were revealed the molecular variability. SDS-PAGE appeared differences among soilless and soil plants in number and density of protein bands. As well as RAPD-PCR revealed polymorphism among soilless and clay soil plants, using three arbitrary primers. Seven polymorphic amplified fragments with 53.85% and three monomorphic amplified fragment with 23.08%. It was revealed 3 unique fragments (genetic marker) with 23.08% (700 and 500 for soilless and 600 bp for clay soil money plants).These results showed that, the somaclonal variation among soilless and clay soil money plants depending on genetic structure

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