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معالم الفلسفة التربوية عند عبدالله عبدالدائم
Authors: sabreen ibrahim reyad ibrahim
Year: 2019
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Abstract: The present study aimed to identify the most important features of the educational philosophy of Abdulla Abdu Al-Da'im, which would contribute to the building of the Arab human being and thus build the human society and reach it to the highest meanings of humanity. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher used the method of philosophical analysis. The study has resulted in a number of results, most notably: the need for an educational philosophy that guides the process of educational work, education without a philosophy is lost what leads the way, which is the existence of a philosophy of Arab education stems from the nature of the community and needs and reality and future and that the philosophy of education is Arabic The great umbrella of all educational systems at the level of the Arab countries, taking into account the potential, resources, needs and circumstances of each country separately, as Abdullah Abdullamim, the need for Arab integration and joint Arab action among Arab countries and interaction among civilizations, Education is the foundation of any development, to draw the parameters of this educational philosophy must be there are joint efforts contribute to many of the first thing in the Arab world.

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