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Ass. Lect. Samer Anwar Beskales Agaiby

Academic Position: Asst. Lecturer

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Faculty: Engineering, Shoubra

Department: Mechanical Engineering


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Mobile: 01278661676

Scientific Name: S. A. Beskales

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ONGOING RESEARCH: Numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of suction slots on the performance of backward curved centrifugal impellers. The slots are made at the point of boundary layer separation and have been designed in such a way that a jet of fluid passes through from the pressure to suction side which results in moving the separation region closer to the wall of the impeller, thus reducing the slip as well as the flow losses. more

Research Interests

My main research interests are in the field of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. • Turbulent Flow Modeling Using CFD Program Packages. • Active and Passive Control of Turbulences wakes. • Boundary Layer Separation behavior • Effect of surface roughness on drag force reduction • Super hydrophobic surfaces • Investigating flow characteristics over airfoils shapes. • Estimating the turbo machinery efficiency using CFD techniques

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