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Rural Pregnant Women Awareness regarding Warning Signs and their Utilization of Health services.
Authors: Samia A,hasaneen ,Department of Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Zagazeg University
Year: 2006
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Journal: The official journal of Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine Assiut
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Objectives: The study aim is to identify maternal awareness toward warning signs as well as their utilization of health services for medical consultation Subject and Methods: Design: A descriptive study design used to obtain the woman's awareness regarding warning signs and their utilization of health services for medical consultation Settingof the study: This study was implemented at the primary health centre in the Abomesalem village, Zagazeg District, Alshrakia Governorate, during the period from February 2003 to April 2004 Sampling: A simple random sampling technique was followed to include 200 rural pregnant women who had admitted to utilize health services for medical consultation Sample Criteria: - prim para , pregnant in the 3rd trimester , age from 18- >35 years different level of education , complaining with warning signs during pregnancy Tool of the study: An interview questionnaire was developed by the researchers to collect the data about: Sociodemographic data such as; age, educational level, and occupation , Women's knowledge regarding the items of antenatal care such as; normal changes during pregnancy, follow up visiting schedule, laboratory tests , nutrition and immunization . Knowledge assessment: 14 items regarding the warning signs during pregnancy with scoring system, 1- correct answer (2), incorrect answer (1), wrong answer (0) ,evaluation of pregnant women’s awareness was considered as agree for positive awareness, disagree for negative awareness, and don’t know as indifferent awareness, Women's behaviour toward warning signs during pregnancy, including the utilization of health services Statistical analysis: All data collected was coded and entered on Microsoft Access database XP and analyzed with SPSS version 11. Results : the majority of rural women had a poor knowledge regarding the concept , types of warning signs during pregnancy and the elements of antenatal care , and antenatal care utilization is poor . Conclusion, : the study recommended that the health care providers should maintain proper communication with the rural women’s and answers to all questions , especially for rural women’s who are less educated ,and in service training program for the nurses about counselling pregnant mother to increase their awareness about the importance of antenatal care as well as the warning signs during pregnancy.

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