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Voluntary Utilization of Antenatal Care by Rural Mothers
Authors: Samia A. Hassanen(*), Neama A. Abdel-Gawad(**), Department of Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing Benha University (*) and Menoufiya University (**)
Year: 2007
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Objectives: The study aims to identify the attitude, practice and satisfaction of rural mothers concerning antenatal care (ANC) and the main obstacles for non-utilization of ANC services. Subjects and Methods: Design: A retrospective study design was used for the conduction of this study. Setting:This study was implemented in Gamgara village, Benha District, Qalubeya, Governorate Subjects: A simple random sampling technique was followed to include 400 women who had given birth within one year before data collection Data collection tools: An interview questionnaire was developed to collect data about sociodemographic variables and women's attitude and utilization of ANC services during their last pregnancy. Statistical analysis:All data collected was coded and entered on Microsoft Access database XP and analyzed with SPSS version 13. Results: Egyptian rural women have misbeliefs, negative attitudes and sense of dissatisfaction toward utilization of ANC services. ANC utilization is poor, with late booking and unfulfilled visits.Determinants of less utilization of ANC are lower education (less than secondary level), low social class and multigravidity Conclusion The study recommended that During ANC visits, health care providers should maintain proper communication with mothers and answers to all questions, especially for mothers who are less educated, poor or multigravidas. ANC home visits by trained midwives and nurses should be organized in order to achieve early ANC booking and to encourage regular visits to MCH centers.ANC providers should be preferably females. Education of girls, at least till the secondary level, is a national objective that should be fulfilled.

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