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Lower Egyptian Regions’Administration in the Mamluki Sultanate Regimes (648-923 AH/1250-1517 AD)
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History scholars tackled the Egyptian history during the Mamluki era (648-923 AH/1250-1517 AD) from different approaches. However, the dominant concentration remains on the issue of power and its struggle. On the contrary, the case of administrating Egyptian territories/ regions/ districts, as a whole, remains to be an undiscovered area of research. And, this in fact, has to do with the general attitude of the historians themselves rather than the researchers’. How administrative professions during the Mamluki states developed. What administrative systems stopped and what replaced. Some researchers studied these regions individually, but noe, to my knowledge, tackled them collectively as a whole geographic and administrative unit. As such, the researcher hopes to contribute innovatively to this area of research.

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