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Shape determinants of electrochemical restoration in metal products
Authors: Alsaid Anwar ; Mahmoud Ibrahim; Mohamad el-Awamy ; Amira Fouad ;Sara Ashraf
Year: 2022
Keywords: Electrochemical restoration, Electrodeposition, Polymers, Shape determinants
Journal: العمارة والفنون والعلوم الانسانية
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Abstract: The electrochemical restoration process is one of the restoration processes, in addition to electrodeposition used to form or weld corroded or missing metal parts in historical metal products with a thickness of layers that may reach several millimeters at a low cost and high quality. Also, the electrochemical restoration process is the ideal process for fabricating parts in some historical models in places that are difficult to reach by other traditional methods, such as fine nozzles, deep crevices, and so on. However, practical applications of electrochemically restoring metal products gave the proof that many products with complex shapes are difficult to restore. Here, the role of the research is the answer on many inquiries related to the determinants of the shape of the product and related to the basics of the electrochemical restoration process. Therefore, there is an urgent need to set some determinants that must be available in the form of the product to be restored by the electrochemical method. If these determinants are available in the form of the product, they will facilitate the restoration process to successfully perform the operation and obtain the desired results. And by doing several experiments, it has been proven that one of the most important limitations is the absence of deep gaps in the parts that will be electrically restored, as well as avoiding overlapping surfaces with sharp or right angles in the places that must be repaired...etc. It has been found that the absence of attention to verify the presence of these limitations in the product form will negatively affect the results of the restoration process, although their presence in the product has a clear positive effect in the electrochemical restoration of metal products

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