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Prof. Mazen Mohamed selim :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
An Image Processing Technique for Breast Cancer Masses Detection Completed
An Automatic Arabic Sign Language Recognition System Completed
Quantitative Image Search Based On Feature Integration Completed
Secure E-Voting System In Progress
A feature level fusion of multi-modal bio-metric authentication system Completed
Enhancing the Security of Patient Health Records in Cloud Computing Environment In Progress
Blind Image Forgery Detection In Progress
“Enhancement of Network Security System for Campus Datacenter: A practical Study “ In Progress
Real-time Text-Reading for Blind People In Progress
Bio-inspired Swarm Techniques for Thermo gram Breast Cancer Classification” In Progress
Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Discriminating Sub graph Mining on Graph Completed
Mobile based currency recognition system for Blind People In Progress
Real time text reading for blind people In Progress
Trademark image Retrieval In Progress
Wireless sensor network localization based on meta-heuristic algorithms In Progress
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