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Pre-isolation, isolation and regeneration protoplasts from leaf mesophyll of in vivo Malus domestica ‘Anna’ cv.
Authors: Sherif Fathy Eid El-Sayed El-Gioushy , Abdul Kareem , Mohamed Hemdan Mohamed Baiea3
Year: 2019
Keywords: Apple, Hybridization, Cellulase, Pectianase and Macrozyme.
Journal: Rev. Bras. Frutic., Jaboticabal
Volume: 41
Issue: 4
Pages: e-561
Publisher: Rev. Bras. Frutic., Jaboticabal, 2019
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
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To isolate protoplast, a pre-treatment was completed with the order to reduce and identify the phenolic contents round the year to encourage the isolation of protoplasts. Protoplasts from in vivo mesophyll leaves of apple cultivar “Anna” was isolated from 15 days old leaves by plasmolying in medium containing 90 g L-1 mannitol for half hour, then 130 g L-1 mannitol for half hour. Then using enzymatic mixture involving (1.5% cellulase + 0.5% pectianase + 1.5% Macrozyme) Prior to isolation. Anyhow, diverse factors, for example, Osmotic pressure, incubation period, sieve pore size, centrifugation period and hormonal balance was estimated using the techniques for isolation. The quantity of cells was computed as the quantity of cells per square on haemocytometer. A considerable higher yield of protoplast formation was noted in the CPW medium using a pore size of 25 μm with using incubation period for 20 hours. Moreover, the best protoplast regeneration with using of protoplast density of 2.0 x 105 in MS medium supplemented by 1.0 mg L-1NAA and 0.3 mg L-1BAP. We believed that our protocol might encourage the plant recovery using in apple somatic hybridization programs.

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