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Dr. Sherif Ibrahim Ahmed Ramadan

Academic Position: Lecturer

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Faculty: Veterinary Medicine

Department: Animal wealth development


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Mobile: 01280372787

Scientific Name: Sherif Ramadan

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Association between DNA polymorphism and pigeon personality [2018-08-09]
Association between DNA polymorphism and pigeon Navigationmore

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of genetic diversity and phylogeny in order to develop sound conservation programs for endangered species. I use microsatellites and mitochondrial molecular markers to help in resolving taxonomic uncertainties and to identify populations at risk of extinction by estimating the rate of genetic diversity loss. Moreover, molecular markers provide useful tools for prevention of illegal hunting and poaching and for more effective implementation of the laws for protection of the endangered species. I studied feral populations and wild species of pigeon which will provide a link between natural populations and domestic ones, Results of this work will not only benefit domestic and captive animals but also can be applied to conservation of species in the wild. Also, I am interested in surveying individual differences in functional genes related to personality traits such as fear, stress and navigation ability.

selected publications

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