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Improving Daily Living Activity for Clients with Coronary Artery Disease Using Orem Self Care Theory at Benha City
Authors: Soha Kamel Mosbah Mahmoud
Year: 2015
Keywords: Coronary artery disease clients, daily living activities, self-care management, Orem theory
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Background: According to Orem’s definition, self care includes those learned behaviors that individuals perform in order to preserve or promote their daily living activity, health, well being and prevention or treatment of their disease. The aim of this study was to improve daily living activity for clients with coronary artery disease using Orem self care theory at Benha City. Design: A quasi-experimental design was used in carrying out this study. Setting the study was conducted at the Medical Outpatients' Clinics of Benha University Hospital and Benha Teaching Hospital. The sample of this study included 100 coronary artery disease clients chosen randomly from total (700). Tools utilized in this study comprised a structured interviewing questionnaire for the assessment of clients' socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge about disease, self-care, and daily living activity, clients' home environment assessment and the health profile for history of coronary artery disease clients; and clients' practices for measuring pulse. Results of this study showed a significant positive effect of self care program on knowledge, practices and self-care of coronary artery disease clients. There were improvements in coronary artery disease clients' self care of daily living activities after conduction of the program. This study concluded that, significant improvement was detected for client's daily living activities after the self care program implementation The study recommended that, coronary artery disease clients should be offered continuous refresher home health care programs, promotion and enhancement of the self-care modalities to coronary artery disease; written illustrated instructions about disease process, allowed foods, rest and physical activities and follow up should be available at coronary outpatients' clinics.

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