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دراسة الأساليب التنفيذية لإنتاج وتصنيع الملابس الطبية من الأقمشة غير المنسوجة
Authors: سوزان عادل عبد الرحيم علي راضي
Year: 2013
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New scopes plunged into the craft of the erotic and the tissue during the thirtieth a year the better is an example of the employment in the scopes of the agriculture industry and medicine and numerous another scopes the performance is by the aim of a qualification' raising with the lessening of the cost and the textiles were capable of ascertaining a big success in the field of the medial requirement. The employee products are development in tin's field from the scraper of a sheaf employments like the doctor's wears of the ills The employee furnitures in hospitals duty to thin employments you enter operations a determination and the industrialization of an equipments the vessels are by the sherry of a substitute standing erect substitute blood vessels 'the redevelopment of the heart valves or its substitution. The employee textiles are so in patching circulation blood in addition to especial employments in joes and teeth area and so industry the artificial sinews this the instrument of the kidney wash is in addition to make use of the dry goods for the craft of a filters of kidney washing and the industrialization of an additional equipments , is the substitute of the skilled liver example my and the skilled kidney. The important of medical textile :- • Resistant of pollution by restrain the strange materials and microorganisms far from the wound • Biological adaptation with body systems • The assistant is on speed of the recovery. • Adaptation of blood and prevent any change in its contents • Prevent any reflex actions are effected on body • They make as organ efficiency which substituted This the assay is meaning discussion by study functional characteristics of medical textile and the parameters are effected on it, which are containing of the flexibility and the resistance of bacterial growth, strength of cutting is the ,an ease the sterile, the resistance of the electrical charge connection, and is the absorbable and an even drop level of reflex action the textiles are to her. All this related to kind of wound or any injury and The style of the employee carrying out the happening has the desired dry goods the abundance of the necessary characteristics are in the used textile This the assay consists of three chapters :- The first chapter: It is involving, the division is the year for the dry goods and the division of the artificial textile like one I flow the scopes of the dry goods employment wherefrom the specifications and his peak the employment and the requirements are necessary Abundance. The second chapter: it has shown the medical textile and the scopes of its medical employment are in the field and its classification and the specifications are necessary abundance in its and the manners are charring out the employee in the production of the medical textile, also structural style on functional characteristics for the product. The third chapter It has shown the general classification for the fibers and the scopes of its employment is in the medical textile and the extent of its suitability for identifying the desired specifications with the product my utmost degree

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