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Fast Novel Efficient S-Boxes with Expanded DNA Codes
Authors: Abeer Tariq Maolood, Alaa Kadhim Farhan, Wageda I. El-Sobky, Hany Nasry Zaky, Hossam L. Zayed, Hossam E. Ahmed, and Tamer O. Diab
Year: 2023
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Security and Communication Networks
Volume: 2023
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 19
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Full paper Tamer omar mohamed diab_Paper 5.pdf
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IoT is one of the most popular technologies in recent years due to the interconnection of various infrastructures, physical devices, and software. To guarantee the security of Internet of Tings (IoT) pervasiveness, lightweight cryptographic solutions are needed and this requires lightweight cryptographic primitives. Te choice of S-box in light block ciphers plays an important role in characterizing the security-performance trade-of. Te choice of the 4 × 4 S-box for the lightweight constructions results in compact hardware, speeding up the computational capability of the security algorithm unlike the 8 × 8 S-box. Tis work presents efcient algebraic S-boxes for a fast image cryptosystem based on a strong nonlinear function which is expanded by a biological technique depending on DNA. Te robustness of the proposed S-boxes is analysed and tested against various standard attack criteria such as interpolation attacks, avalanche efect, and nonlinearity. Te great advantage of introducing S-boxes is that its DSAC is the ideal value which is equal to zero. Also, other tests executed on these S-boxes guaranteed its robustness and excellent security performance. Moreover, the experiments are applied with full description in two diferent modes; RGB and gray images. Te results of all tests proved to have fast and strong efective S-boxes

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