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Fast Simple Image Encryption Technique Based on Chaos Based System
Authors: Tamer O.Diab, Mofreh A. Hogo, Wageda I. Al Sobky, Hany Nasry Zaky, Salwa M. SeragEldin , Ahmed Khairy Mahmoud
Year: 2023
Keywords: — Chaotic Map, Encryption, Confusion, Diffusion, Chebyshev map, Logistic Map, and Altered Sine-Logistic based Tent map.
Journal: The International Telecommunications Conference ITC-EGYPT 2023
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In this paper, a novel image encryption technique based on chaotic maps is described. Encrypting an image with chaotic maps ensures that the safe cipher characteristics of confusion and diffusion are met. Moreover, chaos-based image cryptosystems have many features compared to the classical cryptographic techniques such as fast, effective security, minimum computing overheads, extremely sensitive to the control parameters and initial settings. These all features make effective encryption techniques with the best performance. Four chaotic maps are used in the proposed scheme to generate the encryption key, initial vector, and ciphering encryption S-Boxes. The maps used are the Chebyshev map, 1D improved quadratic map, 1D Improved Logistic Map and Altered Sine-Logistic based Tent map ASLT.

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