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Using data ergonomics standard for the design of stadiums and playgrounds in primary schools
Authors: Tamer Elshetehy
Year: 2014
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The research aims to access to the standards and foundations for the formulation of the interior spaces for playgrounds and places of practice within the primary schools , by : 1 - design a questionnaire to determine the requirements of Teaching and Physical Education curriculum at the primary level . 2 - Design Playground and sports stadiums proposed model for the teaching of courses and curricula . And is determined by the research problem in : 1 - the lack of models for stadiums and places of practice for primary schools in Egypt . 2 - lack of attention to the existence of standards for scientific and functional interior space for playgrounds . 3 - Lack of attention to achieving benefit from the application of advanced technology , which helps to control in small spaces . The researcher used the descriptive survey method to determine the appropriate requirements for the teaching of physical exercise at the primary level in terms of spaces and playgrounds were selected sample deliberate way of primary schools public and private Qalubia and the number of schools (20) School

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