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Evaluate appropriate use of electronic training devices
Authors: Tamer Elshetehy
Year: 2014
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The scientific development phenomenal and technological progress has become characteristic of this age has entered the technological advances in the sports field of play , training and education and management , and the researcher tries to evaluate training equipment electronic high level of technical and tactical and keep up with scientific advances in this area on scientific grounds are applicable in the field of Scientific to take advantage of the proliferation of such devices locally and globally . This research aims to recognize the results of the use of electronic training devices The researcher used the descriptive method using surveys for suitability to the nature of the search. And is determined by the research problem in that they try to figure out the extent of scientific appropriate use of electronic training devices used to determine the impact on sports teams and players. The researcher used a deliberate way to choose a random sample of the national teams in some sports camps , which assesses the Olympic Center in Maadi and that the availability of these electronic devices on the players and coaches users of the electronic devices.

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