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Dr. Usama Mohamed Nour Eldemerdash :: Supervised Projects:

Title Year
Towards effective sequestration of carbon dioxide on Malaysian coal seams - investigation of capacity and related attributes. (eScience Fund, 06-02-02-SF0177) 2014
Removal of high carbon dioxide content from natural gas (STRIF 1/2012) 2013
SynGas Production via Petcoke casification (PRF 15-8200-040) 2012
Effective CO2 capture and storage by adsorption (STRIF 32/10-11) 2011
Adsorptive natural gas storage for vehicle use (STRIF 79/09-10) 2010
Adsorptive natural gas storage, actual use test (MASTR GAS 12/08-09) 2009
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