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Dr. Wafaa Muhammad Anwar El-Deftar

Academic Position: Lecturer

Current Administrative Position: 1. Director of the unit of Measurement and Development of Exams' Systems in the university ,More

Ex-Administrative Position: Coordinator of the Course-Description team in the faculty,More

Faculty: Arts

Department: English Language and Literature


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Scientific Name: Wafaa M. El-Deftar

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Wining the University's Award for Best PhD Thesis at the University Level [2014-09-23]
Benha University's Council Honors the Winners of University Awards Benha University's Council, headed by Prof. Dr. / Ali Shams El-Din - President of the University and in the presence of Prof. Dr. / Jamal Ismail - Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Dr. / Suleiman Mustafa - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, has honored the winners of university awards for the academic year 2014. The President of the University declared that he had honored by Dr. / Ahmed Saeed Mohammed - Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Science for being awarded the University of discretion and Dr. / Mustafa Yassin Mohammed - lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science for being awarded the University's Incentive and Dr. / Ahmed Abdel-Maksoud – lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture and Dr. / Wafaa Mohamed Anwar El-Deftar - Lecturer, Department of English, Faculty of Arts, for obtaining the university's award for best scientific theses (PhD). The President of the University also honored both Dr / Rawia Mohammed Abdel-Ghani - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Children Nursing, Faculty of Nursing and, Dr. / Malak Fikri Tawfiq - Assistant Lecturer, Department of History, Faculty of Arts for obtaining the university's award for best academic theses (Master) For more information, please see this link download attachment

Research Interests

• American culture and Criticism • English Culture and criticism • English novel, poetry, and drama • American novel, poetry, and drama

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