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Transition Design as a Tool to Achieve Sustainability in Product Design
Authors: Yasmin Mosad Hashem Sherif - Osama Youssef Mohamed
Year: 2022
Keywords: Transition Design, Sustainability, Product Design, Sustainability Transitions, Multi Level Perspective.
Journal: Pages on Arts & Design
Volume: 14
Issue: 21
Pages: 25
Publisher: Yasmin Mosad Hashem Sherif - Osama Youssef Mohamed
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
Full paper yassmin Mosaad Hashim Shereif_Transition Design as a Tool.pdf
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Recently, a new area emerged in sustainability design, referred to as “transition design” as a result of integrating system innovations and sustainability transitions theories with design theory and practice, developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and quickly gained the attention of academics, practitioners and design activists from around the world, transition design is one of the latest design approaches, geared towards social practice through structural change , it aims to transform societies into a more sustainable future in ways that improve the quality of life. Sustainability transitions are fundamental, multidimensional and long-term transitions through which established socio-technical systems are transformed into more sustainable production and consumption patterns, including products, practical and technological innovations as well as actors and interests involved in transition processes. This paper describes the transition design approach through an overview of origins and historical development as complementing countless other design approaches as well as sustainability transitions based on addressing and providing solutions to global changes in current and future society based on environmental, social and economic sustainability standards.

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