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Diagnostic Value of Calprotectinin Differentiation Between Benign & Malignant Pleural Effusion
Authors: Zeinab Gaber NorEldein
Year: 2018
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The aim of our study was to find reliable markers permitting rapid and accurate diagnosis of pleural effusion .To reach this aim we measure the level of calprotectin in the pleural fluid of the patients with malignant pleural in comparison with non malignant (tubercolous , parapneumonic) pleural effusion. This study was conducted on 60 patients with pleural effusion admitted at chest department Banha Universty Hospital during the period from April 2016 till April 2017. 60 samples were collected and the patients were classified according to their final diagnosis into two groups: Group I : (30) patients with malignant pleural effusion. Group II : patients with non malignant pleural effusion (15) patients with tuberculous pleural effusion . (15) patients with parapneumonic pleural effusion. All patients were subjected to the following: Full medical history , clinical examination , routine laboratory investigation , radiological examination , tuberculin skin test , sputum examination for acid fast bacilli by ziehl neelsen stain, thoracocentises and the obtained pleural fluid was subjected to physical , chemical , bacteriological and cytological examination and lastly quantitative measurement of pleural fluid calprotectin using ELISA technique . Also pleural biopsy were taken when needed either closed pleural biopsies using Abrams needle , CT scan guided ,thoracoscopic and/or open pleural biopsy whenever indicated . This work revealed that pleural calprotectin in MPE (229.2±168.6ng/ml) was significantly lower than its level in BPE level (3202.2±1304.8ng/ml; P

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