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Biochemical and Physiological Influences of Boldenone Undecylenate as a Growth Promotor on Different Ages of Male White New- Zealand Rabbits
Authors: Nafeaa, A. A.1, Abdel-Magid, A. D2. and Aita, S. A.
Year: 2016
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Journal: Global Journal of Advanced Research
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The objectives of the current study were to investigate the effects of high dose administration of boldenone undecylenate as a growth promoter on some biochemical and hematological parameters in both immature and mature male rabbits. Forty male New Zealand rabbits (20 immatures and 20 mature) were randomly assigned into four equal groups. Group 1: control, injected with sesame oil. Group 2: injected with 5 mg Equi-gan®/Kg. b. wt, Group 3: injected with 10 mg Equi-gan® /Kg. b. wt., Group 4: injected with 15 mg Equi-gan® /Kg. b. wt. All animals were intramuscularly injected. After one and two months of administration, animals were weighed to obtain body gain of each group then two blood samples were collected from each animal; the first sample was collected on EDTA and the other was collected on a sterile tube for serum separation. The obtained results indicated that, intramuscular injection of boldenone resulted in a significant increase in body weight gain in both mature and immature rabbits after one and two months of treatment. This was accompanied with significant increase in growth hormone in immature and testosterone in mature rabbits. Boldenone significantly improved RBCs, Hb and PCV, significantly decreased MCH and MCH while MCV showed non-significant changes. Significant increases in NO and MDA concentrations and SOD activity were observed after one and two month of treatment while GSH concentration significantly decreased in both immature and mature rabbits after two months of treatment. Boldenone administration significantly increased interleukin-2, interleukin-6 and creatinine but did not affect sodium or potassium concentrations. It could be concluded that, although intramuscular injection of boldenone undecyclenate to male New Zealand rabbits enhances body gain and increased some hematological parameters, it increased oxidative stresses biomarkers levels, pro-inflammatory cytokines and creatinine indicating side effects on the liver and kidneys.

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