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Prof. Adel H. Bahnasawy :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
Developing and evaluation of onion peeling system Completed
Technical and economical studies on wheat milling (Ph.D) Completed
Simulation modeling of design and management of recirculation system in aquaculture (Ph.D). Completed
Studies on the design and management of the soilless culture system (Ph.D). In Progress
Engineering and environmental factors for bio-fertilizers production and other product (Ph.D). In Progress
11. Irrigation management of the modern systems of sunflower crops in the old lands (Ph.D). In Progress
Waste water treatment by Using nano-technology in Fayom fish farms (Ph.D). In Progress
Hybrid solar drying of medicinal and herbal plants (Ph.D). In Progress
Modified atmosphere storage of some vegetables (Ph.D). In Progress
23. Engineering and environmental studies on wheat storage in silos (Ph.D) In Progress
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