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Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar :: Supervised Projects:

Title Year
Automated Room Control System 2009
Automated Car System 2010
Automatic Control System for Blood Glucose level in Diabetic Patients 2011
Wireless Glucose Monitoring System 2011
Vertical Carousel Storage System (VCSS) 2011
Portable Hemodialysis System 2013
Control Unit of Dental Devices 2013
Inverted pendulum PID controlling system 2015
PID Controller for ball and beam 2015
Sun seeker control system 2015
Automatic Seatbelt 2015
Automated Drink Mixer 2015
Automated Vacuum Cleaner 2015
Smart Home System 2015
Automatic Car-Jack 2015
Fluid Level Control System 2015
PID controller of Liquid systems 2015
Self-Balancing Robot 2015
PID Balanced Aquatic Based Platform 2015
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