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Evaluating gymnastic curriculum for the primary stage in Qaliubiya Governorate
Authors: Ahmed Mohamed Abd Elmonem
Year: 2015
Keywords: Evaluation;Gymnastics;curriculum;primary stage
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The study is aimed at evaluating the primary school curriculum Gymnastics province of Qaliubia, through:- •Evaluating this curriculum through the study of the basic terms of its components (Objectives - Content - Teaching methods - Evaluation). •Provide some of the proposed solutions to the problems faced by those in charge of the implementation of the Curriculum for gymnastics at the primary province of Qalubia. •Provide a suggested curriculum for primary school gymnastics Qalubia governorate. The researcher used the descriptive approach - screening method because of the suitability of the nature of the research. The study sample included on (54) Guided and a teacher were divided into (40) and a teacher prompt core sample, and (14) Expert teacher and teacher sample reconnaissance. The most important results:- •Curriculum theory is not available information related to domain knowledge for the sport of gymnastics. •Do not approach takes into account individual differences among students. •Hardware and educational tools and methods that help to implement the curriculum Gymnastics is not available. •The evaluation process does not take the shape of regular league. The most important Recommendations: •Provide your curriculum in all classrooms in the form of a printed booklet. •take into account individual differences among students, divided into groups according to their levels. •Conduct in the evaluation process timings scheduled throughout the school year. •Activation of the evaluation process and using their results in the design of programs for the treatment of shortcomings. •The attention of the school administration to provide the necessary tools and hardware for the exercise of various gymnastics activities.

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