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Prof. Ahmed Abd Elrehem Abd Elrehem Ahmed Zordok :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1- Benha University Conferences.
2- Zagazig University Conferences.
3- Political Economics, Statistics, and Legislation Conferences.
4- Faculty of Economics and Political Science Conferences.
Scientific Activities of 2008
5- Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education
6- Basics of Auditors Workshop
Scientific Activities of 2007
7- Quality Criteria Program
8- Role of University Leaders in Fostering Assurance Of higher Workshop.
Scientific Activities of 2006
9- Creating jobs for fresh Graduates Workshop.
10- Role of Methods of Scientific Research Program.
Scientific Activities of 2005
11- Feasibility Studies for Projects Manar-Misr for Petroleum Training centre.
12- Role of Developing Faculties of Commerce in Egypt.
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