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Prof. Aly Abd ElSalam Aly :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
- A program for social supporting to reduce the problems of the sons of the divorced families Completed
- The differences between young criminals in identifying the self, the power behavior and anti behavior of society Completed
- Some psychological problems among woman when realizing the family violence and its relation to marriage Completed
Practicing globalization and its relation with university students` worry and violence Completed
- Social supporting and the skills of social communication and its relation to marriage Completed
قوة الأناء وعلاقتها بأساليب مواجهة احداث الحياه ال"رسالة ماجستير6- Completed
The experience of social offence and its relation to the psychological problems among university girls Completed
The effects of behavioral program in reducing the psychological problems in over active students. Completed
أساليب المعاملة الوالديه كما يدركها الابناء وعلاقتها بالنمو الانفعالى والاجتماعى- 9- النشاط الزائد " رسالة ماجستير. Completed
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