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Prof. El Sayed Youssef Suleiman El Kady :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
• The investigation of the correlation between surface roughness parameters and wear during sliding abrasion, Ahamed M. Gaeffar. Completed
• Some effects of dressing and grinding conditions on the performance of high speed steel tool, Maha Fathey. Completed
• Diagnosis of gear box faults by mechanical vibrations analysis, Maha M. Lashin. Completed
• Effect of Different Factors and Inoculation on the properties of Aluminum Continuous Castings, Sharkawy Abdel-Rahman Mahmoud. Completed
• Effect of Notch Geometry on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Low Carbon Steel in 30% Sodium Hydroxide, Hesham Gamal El-Din Hamed Nigm. Completed
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