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Effect of Using Clinical Pathway on Nursing Care for Neonates with Sepsis
Authors: Amel Abd-Elaziz Abd-Elsalam., **Seham Mohammed Abd-Elaziz
Year: 2019
Keywords: Clinical pathway, nursing care, sepsis
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Neonatal sepsis describes serious bacterial or viral infections that manifest in the first 28 days of life, causing significant morbidity and mortality. Clinical pathway provide detailed guidance for each stage in the management of a patient whether adult or pediatric patient with a specific condition over a given time period and include progress and outcomes details. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of clinical pathway on nursing care for neonates with sepsis. A quasi-experimental design was used. This study was carried out at neonatal intensive care units affiliated to Benha University Hospital and Benha Specialized Hospital of children and Benha Teaching Hospital at Benha city. A convenient sample of 140 nurses and A purposive sample of 140 neonates were included. Three instruments were used; A structured interviewing schedule, clinical pathway of care checklist and neonatal clinical outcome assessment sheet. Results of this study revealed that, there were improvement in feeding (normal feeding 72.1 versus 42.8) C reactive protein test positive 14.2 versus 88.5and shortness of length hospitalization ≥30days 7.8 versus 53.5. This study concluded that: Implementation of the clinical pathway improved feeding, reduced length of hospitalization and decreased number of neonates having C reactive protein. The study recommended that: Clinical pathway should be followed by nurses who providing nursing care for neonates with sepsis at different settings

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