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Prof. Basem Ahmed Zoheir

Academic Position: Professor

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Faculty: Science

Department: Geology


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Scientific Name: basem zoheir

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Thanks [2015-05-05]
I bear the same warm emotions towards all of you who congratulated me for the professorship promotion. This success or any other success couldn't be possible without Allah's support. Thanks a millionmore

Research Interests

Mineralogy, Economic Geology, Ore Genesis and Mineral Exploration The more tangible benefits of my research have been a deeper insight into microanalysis of ore minerals and ore fluid inclusions. During my work on the Ph.D. project, I have grown to admire the role of team work and have access to several well-equipped laboratories in empowering my research. In fact, I felt excited about the potential for new research points on the poorly studied, abandoned mineral resources in the Egyptian desert.

selected publications

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