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Title Studies on Natural Antimicrobials Derived from Hen's egg
Type PhD
Supervisors D A Awad; H R Ibrahim;A M Abdou; S A El Sohaimy;H A Mohammed
Year 2018
Abstract In conclusion, the synergistic effect of the proteins infertile egg white gradually decreased due to uptake of most antimicrobial proteins by the embryo or migration to the yolk during incubation. It can be speculated that during embryonic development, proteolytic enzymes are produced from the embryo to hydrolyze some non basic protein whereas the antibacterial action will rely on the immune system of embryo and the positively charged basic proteins. On the other hand, the unfertile hen egg maintains its antibacterial defense capability by synergistic effect of basic proteins. For this, it can be suggested that fertile hen egg depend on oligomerization ofthe basic proteins, i.e. lysozyme and avidin,with ovglobulins as multimeric antibacterial defense system. Lysozyme modification may include aspartic acid isomerization leading to polymerization and cleavage of peptide bonds producing low molecular weight peptides with potent antibacterial activities. Eventually, simulated gastric digestion of lysozyme, acidic condition which result in aspartic acid isomerization produced peptides with potent antibacterial activities than the native form of lysozyme. The results all together therefore herald a good opportunity for the potential application of these naturally occurring peptide in formulated food system as new bio-preservatives.
Keywords fertile egg white, fresh egg white, lysozyme, chromatography, digestion
University Benha University and Kagoshima university
Country Egypt and Japan
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