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"التفكك الأسرى فى صحافة المواطن" دراسة تحليلية و ميدانية
Authors: Doaa Shaheen
Year: 2019
Keywords: Family disintegration, Citizen Journalism, صحافة المواطن ، التفكك الاسرى
Journal: المجلة العلمية لبحوث الصحافة
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Abstract Present study aims at identifying Family disintegration in Citizen Journalism This study is considered descriptive because it depends on the sample survey methodology; the analytical study is conducted on a sample of the Citizen Journalism represented in "The seventh Day page - the Citizen Journalism on the social networks (Facebook), Egypt today blogs on the website of Egypt today "In the period from 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2017. Field study is applied on a random sample of (400) male and female from (Cairo and Benha) universities in the period from 21/3/2018 to 19/4/2018. The study uses content analysis form and questionnaire form as tools for data collection. The study reaches a number of results, including: 1. Text and picture have occupied the introduction of the press arts in the Citizen Journalism sample study, and the language of everyday life has become the top language used in the Citizen Journalism. 2. 43.3% of the respondents expressed their keenness to browse Citizen Journalism from their point of view.

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