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Occupational Program for Improving the Health of Gasoline Workers
Authors: Mahbouba Sobhy Abd El Aziz, and Ebtisam Mohamed Abd -El Aal Lecturers
Year: 2014
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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of occupational program for improving the health of gasoline workers at stations. Design: A quasi –experimental design was used. Setting: This study was conducted at gasoline stations in Benha City. Sample: The total sample was used as follows, the total number of gasoline stations in Benha City was (10) stations, all workers at stations were included in the study (41). Tools: Two tools were used for data collection. 1) An interviewing questionnaire, concerning demographic characteristics, and medical history of the workers about health during last month, workers’ knowledge related to effect of gasoline on health and their practices during emergency. 2) Observational checklist was designed to evaluate the gasoline environment, and worker practices related to safety measures during the work. Results: The frequency distribution of workers' age ranged between 30 -

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