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Effect of Geriatric Home on Daily Living Activities of Older Adult
Authors: *Mahbouba Sobhy Abd El Aziz, *Ebtisam Mohamed Abd El Aal, and **Rasmia Abd-El Sattar Ali.
Year: 2014
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Healthy aging requires a good level of functionality during old age. A high level of physical activity, functional mobility and cognition are among the necessary factors for independence in daily life and a better quality and healthier aging. The aim of this study: was to identify the effect of geriatric home on activities of daily living of older adult Research design: A descriptive analytical design was utilized to carryout the research. Setting: The study was conducted at two geriatric home at Cairo City (Dar Samaan & Dar El-Safaa homes) and the only geriatric home at Benha City. Sample: Ninety eight older adults were included in the study, 82 from Cairo and 16 from Benha. Tools of the study: An interviewing questionnaire was designed to collect data and consists of four parts. First, is socio-demographic data. Second, facilities provided for elderly in geriatric home. Third, is Katz Activities of Daily Living Scale to measure functional ability. Fourth, is the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living to determine the overall level of function. Results: The study reveals that 73.5 % of older adults aged 70 years and more are admitted to geriatric home, 43.9% are male, 88.8% of older adults’ home ability to perform the activity of daily living, 59.2% of older adult decreased activities of daily livings after admitted at geriatric home. Conclusion: The study concluded that older adults in geriatric home had poor facilities so affect on daily living activities of older adults. Most of elderly people at geriatric homes are able to perform their own activities for dressing, bathing, toileting, and instrumental activity living as telephone use, taking medication, managing finances, and transportation. Recommendations: More attention should be focused on geriatric home facilities from public and private sectors to improve daily living activities of older adults. Medical care should be strengthened regarding this group.

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