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Health Practices among Female University Students Regarding Prevention of Reproductive Tract Infections
Authors: Dr. Amira A. El-Beih, * Dr. Abd El- Moniem A. Dawah. Dr.**Ebtisam M. Abd- El Aal, ***Heba A. Mohamed
Year: 2014
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Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) are recognized as a public health problem affecting adolescent females and women' future health. They are responsible for major ill-health throughout the world and cause more devastating consequences among female of reproductive age. Aim: the study aimed to assess health practices among female university students regarding prevention of RTIs. Subject & methods: A descriptive research design was used. Three hundred and sixty two female students were purposively selected, from 13 faculties at Benha University, in Qaliubyia governorate, including both scientific & literary faculties. Tool: An interviewing Questionnaire sheet was developed by the researcher to collect data including socio-demographic characteristics of student, medical and health history, students' total knowledge about RTIs and students' stated health practices regarding prevention of RTI. Results: the range & mean age of students under study were 18-21, 20±0.5 years; 65.7% of them reported having symptoms of RTIs and 81.5% of them had unsatisfactory knowledge score level about anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system and RTI. While, 93.0% had unhealthy practices score level regarding prevention of RTIs. There was a highly statistically significant relation between students' total knowledge score levels and their residence, marital status, mother' occupation, and the type of college (p

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