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Assessment of Mothers Care for Preschool Children with Hepatitis (A) Virus in Rural Areas
Authors: Prof. Dr. Abd El-Rahim S. Shoulah, **Dr. Howyida S. Abd El-Hameed, ***Dr. Ebtisam M. Abd EL-Aal and ****Olfat M. Abd El- Hady
Year: 2014
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Hepatitis A virus is the most common known viral hepatitis. It is a major problem in developing and developed countries, and the highest prevalence of infection in early childhood. The aim of this study was to assess mothers' care (knowledge & practice) for their preschool children with hepatitis (A) virus, and identify factors affecting mothers' knowledge and practice regarding their children care. Research design A descriptive research design was used in this study. Setting the study was conducted at the outpatient Clinics in Benha University hospital and Benha Fevers’ Hospital during the periods from beginning of December 2009, to end of May 2010 and follow up was done through home visit. The Sample was composed of 100 children with hepatitis (A) virus, and their mothers at rural areas. Two tools were designed for data collection. 1) An interviewing questionnaire to assess studied subjects’ characteristics and their knowledge about hepatitis (A) virus. 2) An observational checklist to observe the home environmental condition and mothers’ practices regarding children care of hepatitis (A) virus. Results of the study revealed that more than half of the children with hepatitis (A) virus were females in the age ranged 3-

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