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Effect of Health Educational Program for Females Blinded Adolescents Students regarding Reproductive Health
Authors: Rasmia Abd-El Sattar Ali1, Ebtisam Mohamed Abd-El Aal
Year: 2015
Keywords: Adolescent, Reproductive Health, Blinded Female
Journal: American Journal of Nursing Science
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Pages: 1-8
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Ebtisam Mohamed Abd-Elall_blinded.pdf
Supplementary materials Ebtisam Mohamed Abd-Elall_blinded.pdf

Reproductive health is one of the most fundamental aspects of life and it received little attention in public policy discussions because of cultural and political sensitivities. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of health educational program for females blinded adolescents students regarding reproductive health. Research design: A quasi-experimental study was used. Setting: The study was conducted in El-Nor and El-Aml institute affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Population. Sample Convenient sample of all students attended to El-Nor and El-Aml institutional setting, staying and not staying at institute, undergoing the following criteria: Aged 10-18 years and free from medical problems. Tools: Two tools were used I): An interviewing questionnaire which include three parts 1) socio-demographic characteristics. 2) Knowledge about reproductive system. 3): Health problems during last six months related to reproductive system. II): Observational checklist that included questions about reproductive health practices regarding nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, follow-up for reproductive health problems, sleep, and reproductive health. Results: around half of students(57.7%) not staying at El-Nor and El-Aml institution, and about two thirds (64.8%) of them living in urban area. There is a statistically significant improvement between pre-test and post-test results regarding nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, follow-up, sleep, and reproductive health. Conclusion: Females blinded adolescents students' knowledge and practices in El-Nor and El-Aml institution were improved health after implementation of the health education program about reproductive health. Recommendations Continuous health educational program by using suitable strategies should be provided to this target population

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