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Quality of Life of Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Adherent to Sofobuvir Based Regimen
Authors: 1Hanan abd Elwahab Elsayed, 2Ebtisam Mohamed abd El-Aal
Year: 2017
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: International Journal of Novel Research in Healthcare and Nursing
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 237-249
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Chronic hepatitis C is a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide and has a negatively influence on quality of life. Sofosbuvir-containing regimens have been approved for treatment of hepatitis C virus that can have impact on the quality of life. Nurses play an essential role in the management, prevention, and care of people with HCV through educating patients with chronic hepatitis C infection and their families on preventing HCV transmission, disease process and potential treatment options .The aim of the study was to evaluate quality of life for chronic hepatitis C patients adherent to sofobuvir based regimen. A prospective observational design was used. The study was conducted at the viral hepatitis center which affiliated to Benha city. A purposive sample of 200 patients were chosen . Two tools were used for data collection; 1) Structured interviewing questionnaire to collect data about the patients' demographic characteristics, past and medical history. 2) The 36-item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) was used to evaluate quality of life for the studied patients.The study results showed that less than quarter (5.0,12.5,14.5, and 15.5) had good knowledge about Sofobuvir treatment as instructions, period of treatment, correct doses and side effect respectively these results were improved after implementing the program to reach 45.0,30.0,54.0 and 79.0 respectively, the results showed highly statistically significant differences through three phases,also The study concluded that quality of life of the patients was improved during follow up phase than base line before initiated the course of treatment and during the treatment regimen, also the patient knowledge was improved during the course of treatment and decline during follow-up phase but still better than pre-treatment phase with highly stastically significant diffrence between treatment phases. The study recommended that Disseminate health educational booklet for patients with hepatitis C virus undergoing Sofobuvir treatment related to quality of life and further studies about factors enhancing quality of life among hepatitis C virus patients undergoing Sofobuvir treatment is needed.

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