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Home Care for Patients with Permanent Pacemaker Insertion
Authors: Hanaa, A. A. Yossif 1 & Ebtisam, M. Abd El-aal2
Year: 2017
Keywords: Pacemakers, Home car, Program
Journal: IOSR Journal of Nursing a nd Health Science (IOSR-JNHS)
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Pages: 49-57
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Supplementary materials Ebtisam Mohamed Abd-Elall_peacemaker.pdf

The aim: of this study was to evaluate the home care program for patients with permanent pacemaker insertion. Design: A quasi experimental design was used. Setting: This study sample was selected from cardiology department in Benha University Hospital and National heart institute, Cairo, Egypt then followed by home visits to studied patients to conduct this study. Sample: A purposive sample of all patients with newly permanent pacemaker insertion in Benha University Hospital were selected and the same numbers of patients were selected randomly from National Heart Institute (the total sample size was 40 patients). Tools: Two tools were used for data collection I- An interviewing questionnaire designed to collect data about studied sample socio demographic characteristics, history of co-morbid diseases, knowledge about heart, pulse, artificial pacemakers and self-reported practices about pacemaker care. II- Observational checklist designed to evaluate studied sample home environment, and their practices regarding pacemaker care. Results: The majority of studied participants had more than one health problems as cardiac diseases, hypertension, and diabetes, most of them had incorrect knowledge regarding heart, pulse, artificial pacemakers and unsatisfied total practices score preprogram. However, after the program implementation the majority of them had adequate total knowledge score. As well as most of them had satisfied total practices score after the program implementation. Conclusion: This study concluded that, there were improvement post program in studied participants' knowledge regarding basic structure and function of the heart, pulse and artificial pacemaker with statistically significant differences regarding all knowledge items. Statistically significant differences were detected regarding all items of practices between before and after the program. Recommendations: Continues of home care program to all patients with permanent pacemaker insertion to improve their knowledge and practice regarding permanent pacemaker.

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