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Effect of Authentic Leadership Educational Program for Head Nurses on Staff Nurses' Organizational Commitment
Authors: Aziza Zakaria Faramawy Ali, Ehsan Saad Soliman Saad, Fadhah T. Alshammari
Year: 2019
Keywords: Authentic Leadership, Educational program, Head nurses, Organizational Commitment, Staff nurses.
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Publisher: Ehsan Saad Soliman
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Context: Authentic leadership is required for building trust and achieving positive organizational outcomes. Organizational commitment acts as one of the outcomes of authentic leadership. Head nurses, as leaders can use an authentic leadership style that positively influence staff nurses and increase their organizational commitment. Aim: The present study aimed to examine the effect of authentic leadership educational program for head nurses on staff nurses' organizational commitment. Methods: A quasi-experimental research design was utilized to achieve the aim of the current study. The study was conducted in all inpatients units at Benha University Hospital, Egypt. Subjects included all available (32) head nurses and a purposive sample of (120) staff nurses who were working in the setting that mentioned above. Three tools were utilized for data collection namely; authentic leadership knowledge self-assessment questionnaire, authentic leadership attitude self-assessment questionnaire, and organizational commitment assessment questionnaire. Results: There was a statistically significant correlational improvement in both the studied head nurses' knowledge and attitude regarding authentic leadership after implementation of the program. Besides, there was a statistically significant improvement of the studied staff nurses' organizational commitment after implementation of the program. Also, there was a highly statistically significant correlation (P-value

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