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Characteristics of Shredded Tires as Landfill Filter media
Authors: M. A. Warith, G. Abdelaziz and W.S. Braz
Year: 2002
Keywords: shredded tires , landfill filtration media , solid waste biodegradation process , landfill’s leachate
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The generation of solid waste has become an increasingly important global issue over the last decade due to the escalating growth in world population and large increase in waste production. Landfill disposal is the most commonly waste management method worldwide. Leachate recirculation system is one of the techniques that can be used to enhance solid waste biodegradation. Drainage filters, which are mostly gravel and crushed stones, is required in landfill structure. In present study, tire chips have been introduced and used as landfill drainage layer. In this investigation the effects of using shredded tires as a landfill filtration media on solid waste biodegradation process and landfill’s leachate were studied.

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