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Isolation and Sequencing of CYP19 Gene (EXON9) in Egyptian Buffaloes.
Authors: Hadeel Samy A Abbas, Mohammed Abu El-Magd, Khairy Mohamed El-Bayomic, Gamal Abd El-Raheim Sosa
Year: 2014
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Benha Veterinary Medical Journal
Volume: 26
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 161-170
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: Local
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Full paper Gamal Abdel - Raheem Mohamed Sosa_Isolation and seqential of CYNP19 Gene.pdf
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Numerous studies have been investigated to assess the relationship between the fertility related gene, CYP19, and reproduction in cow; however only scanty studies were performed on CYP19 gene in buffalo. The present study was designed to isolate a fragment of CYP19 gene containing exon 9 and to detect any polymorphism associated with infertility in Egyptian buffalo cows. CYP19 gene fragment was isolated by using PCR technique and detected by the direct sequencing and single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP). A fragment (locus) of CYP19 gene with size of 446bp was successfully amplified. No SNP was detected in this locus as revealed by a monomorphic SSCP pattern observed in normal cyclic and anestrous animals. The results of SSCP were confirmed by nucleotide sequencing. Alignment of nucleotide sequences of this locus showed 100% identity with Indian water buffaloes (EF126034) and 99% identity with Bos Taurus (Z69249.1). The present study concluded that the sequence of CYP19 is highly conserved between cattle and buffalo.

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